Leet Order of Longhorns

The eLite Order of Longhorns is a University of Texas at Austin team founded in September 2013 to train for and compete in Capture-The-Flag style hacking / security competitions.

eL8 Order of Longhorns rules are simple:

There are plenty of social hacker meetup groups around town, and we love them, but this is not one of those. We'll be actively studying or competing in CTF challenges at every meeting. Skill level and experience is not a prerequisite, but since we hope to be a competitive team everyone's goal should be improving and expanding your skills to contribute to the team.

Interested in joining? Join us on FreeNode in #lolctf to meet the group and find the meeting schedule. If you're not sure what to do with this information consider it your first challenge for joining the team.

- jgor
eLeete Order of Longhorns ("eLoL") team captain